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THe Work

Being part of the solution means doing the work

I’ve attended many local board and committee meetings, offering suggestions which have led to direct results. During my participation with the Human Relations Commission (HRC), I suggested an update to the by-laws language. The change brings the duties of the HRC  in line with state and federal laws and has made its way to the Maryland General Assembly as House Bill 516.


In 2019, when the County Commissioners penalized the budget of St. Mary's County Library over a security issue, I met with local leaders to discuss practical and common sense solutions to the matter.


In June 2020, I was part of a small group that organized the March for Equality on June 3rd. The event was attended by over 1500 people, including county officials, who peacefully demonstrated and marched to support equality for all. In July, I helped create the first in a series of panels titled “Shut Up and Listen: It’s My Turn to Speak,” which focused on experiences of people of color in St. Mary’s County. The following month, I hosted a second panel in the series focused on LGBTQ+ experiences in the county. In October 2020, I assisted in coordinating the Women’s March held in Leonardtown, which saw several hundred people come together in support of women’s rights and equality.


Last year, I was on the planning committee for Pride SOMD, an event held in Solomons that was attended by over 400 people and featured dozens of community resources for those in need.

I stood with hundreds of others in 2021 to request that the County Commissioners fund St. Mary's County Public Schools, the Sheriff's Office, and Emergency Services during the budget process. 


I led the effort to push for a fair and balanced Redistricting Board whose members represented the diversity of our county. When the Commissioners did just the opposite, I worked with the community to provide feedback during the process. This bipartisan effort led to a finalized Commissioner District map that kept communities of interest together.


I attended the St. Mary’s County Citizens Academy, a superb opportunity to examine the nuts and bolts of local government presented by various department leaders. 


I have focused on land use and development, speaking out against the influx of chain stores, including Dollar General, Royal Farms, and more. We must be careful and intentional with the development in our county, and I am committed to keeping our rural character alive.


Representing St. Mary’s County on the Rural County Committee for the Maryland Democratic Party, I work to ensure Annapolis recognizes what our county adds to the state. As the mother county of Maryland and home of a top economic driver for the state (PAX NAS), St. Mary’s County is invaluable.


As a member of the LGBTQ+ Diversity Leadership Council for the Maryland Democratic Party, I work to identify key gaps in resource availability for the LGBTQ population of St. Mary’s County and Southern Maryland.


When I'm elected as Commissioner, I will continue doing the work to raise awareness, build consensus, and find solutions to the issues that matter to all county residents. 

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