elect Brandon russell

County Commissioner

proactive leadership

is seizing the opportunity to govern innovatively. I will identify current and future needs, then build consensus to deliver them. We must include everyone in the process. I will offer a

New perspective

while bringing a solution-oriented, results-focused mindset. I want to hear how YOU feel and what YOUR goals are

for st. mary's

County. With everyone at the table, we will create a fundamentally improved quality of life for our community.

It's Time to Elect leaders who listen

THe H.E.L.P Plan


I believe access to healthcare should be a top priority, and as Commissioner I will work strategically with community partners to close access gaps. Mental health, in particular, is a huge area of need. County government should be a partner in leading the effort to build health care infrastructure. 


Educators and staff in the school system are often wearing several different hats–all at once. We’ve seen in recent years how the education system is questioned and their funding threatened by the Commissioners. There’s a better way to do things.

Land use

I am passionate about development and land use because I believe that smart growth is key to preserving our county’s rural nature. We’ve experienced an influx of convenience stores and industrial development while vacant buildings sit empty for years.

public safety

Public safety is essential to a strong community. We want to live and work where we feel safe. Police everywhere are overburdened, just like educators. Our EMS system is experiencing a profound change. We need to plan for the future, and that means being proactive.  


I am deeply grateful for any and all support for this campaign.

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When to vote

Early Voting for Primary

July 7th - July 14th

Primary Election Day

July 19th

Early Voting for General

October 27th - November 3rd

General Election Day

November 8th